If you've ever been to a mega-store and seen the light of excitment on the face of a "Scooter or Motorized Wheelchair Shopper" - or at a little league game - you've seen the difference motorized mobility makes - It makes all the difference.
And for added peace of mind we have a parts & service department to assist you in maintaining your mobility products.
Lightweight and Portable!

Use our mobility solutions in home

and out of home.

Easy and Fun!
On The Go.....

We carry a large selection of home care products, to make life a little easier for you and your family!!

We are here to help!!!
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These resources have been compiled to give you easy access to information associated with in-home care.
Medicare Eligibility Tool
Kentucky Medicaid Management Information System
Glossary of Medical Terms
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       1004 Happy Valley Rd     
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   (270) 678-2350